Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be an extremely complicated issue. Legacy Financial Advisors will evaluate the size and different types of assets in an estate's holdings and provides strategies encompassing Living Trusts, Wealth Transfer, Medicaid qualification, income tax reduction, wealth accumulation, and tax advantaged retirement planning and Social Security planning.

Estate planning is vital to everyone - not just the rich or the elderly. An estate plan does more than ease the tax bite. It can provide financial and emotional stability to the surviving spouse and children, even if the kids are now adults. A good plan will protect your assets for future generations and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

In addition, a well-crafted plan will permit the speedy distribution of your assets to named beneficiaries and protect your privacy. A plan also can assure that the family business will survive your death.

Remember that if you have a will, it may not be the final word on the disposition of Your estate.

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Do I need an attorney and/or an account for my Estate Planning?

It is wise to consult with an attorney and/or an accountant when evaluating Estate Planning strategies? Legacy Financial Advisors maintains relationships with selected Attorneys and CPAs as part of your Estate Planning "Team". In the areas of Estate Planning, Tax Planning or Elder Law, you will be well represented. Our Estate Planning professionals are well-versed in Estate and Financial strategies that will benefit you and your family.
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